Good friend and writer helps me with my bio

Greetings! My good friend Deb halped me with my updated performance bio:

Versatile fails to encompass the full range of ability that musician Tom Hitt brings to the stage. An innovative singer/song-writer, guitarist, drummer, and performer, Tom creates music because he’s enamored with the world around him. He observes myriad circumstances, incidents, lives, and happenings with a sense of whimsical wonder and a bit of social commentary. A teacher of Fairview and McKean public school students, as well as private individuals, Tom is also the professional owner/producer of Cycling Troll Recording Studio. Tom has performed at a number of national venues as well as local performances at Docksider, The Coffee Station, Brewerie, and Eclectic Etceteras. A prolific music collector, he revels in discovering, promoting, and producing music with creative artists who fall outside the mainstream – a calling of sorts for him.

Thanks Deb!!


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