Brrrrr! Cold days for inspiring music writing

Well, I have been avidly pushing the music promotion boulder up the hill, hoping it does not roll back over me! If you have not already become a fan at I encourage you to do so. I have some musical promotions planned for spring and summer that will be available to those fans EXCLUSIVELY- AND, you’ll be helping me get my late-starting career going- (“consarn it Mabel, hand me my cane! Eh?”). Best of all, it’s FREE! So, do me a favor – click on the link and become a fan – thanks so much.

Currently I have three brand new half-songs done. After Friday I do not have any other gigs this weekend, so I hope to complete the other halves of all three this weekend. Make sense? I knew you dug my music for a reason!

I’ve been experimenting with a new instrument in my arsenal. It’s an Indian string instrument called the bul bul tarang. A unique instrument to play, and it definitely makes for some interesting tonal colors. I’m looking forward to bringing it out to some live gigs as soon as I put some material together for it.

Finally, if you have not already heard the music from my debut CD GLIMPSES, you can easily check it out by clicking the reverbnation link, or heading over to my own website My playing schedule is also available at both sites, should you care to mark up your calendar.

Thanks so much for your support. Hang in there, spring is coming soon (at least according to the calendar)!


~Tom Hitt~

Thanks as always


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