Hurry up, and be patient about it!

My mind was sidetracked again yesterday to the topic of instant gratification.  Note, this is NOT a finger pointing session, just an observation or two.

Yesterday I was helping a friend set up some accounts online.  He’s a laid back guy in general.  What I noticed during the session though was how quickly his frustration level would rise if a command or a request did not work immediately.  EXAMPLE: For many new online accounts a unique user name is required.  If the user name is not available the site asks you to change it.  No problem.  Yet this was one of the many “slow-downs” that irritated my friend to the point of distraction.

I notice it on the road, and I know you do too.  If I’m not going the correct speed for the vehicle operator behind me, they let me know it in no uncertain terms.  And stop signs?  What the hell is a stop sign?

Please, please, if you’re reading this, I beg you, learn to do one thing, and do it now, and do it often;


Seriously, right now take a long, deep breath and think about your upcoming day.  Position your mind in the place you want it to be.

Don’t let other people or distractions keep you from being happy today.  Repeat this process every day, and you’ll begin eating less crap, popping fewer pills, and finding your center more quickly.

And for goodness sake, be nice to a stranger today; smile, even if it’s forced.  It’s been clinically proven to be good for you.

On your mark… GET SET… …   …  breathe…



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