Learning as we go

I have made nice progress in 2010 getting my act together literally.  However, I was recently reminded of an important aspect to performance that almost slid through my fingers.  In a nutshell, my current philosophy is to get listeners engaged in what I’m doing, then (and this is important) keep them engaged.

This past weekend I was invited to a friend’s house for a party, and I was also asked to perform.  Great!  Unlike my regular coffee shop gigs, this one had potential for an attentive audience right out of the gate, and I did not have to deal with noisy machines as my accompaniment.

I started with a gospel style song I wrote which has a repeated melodic/lyric tag line at the end of each line.  So off I go; verse 1, verse 2, verse 3 – and everyone is fixated on the performance.

When I was approaching the last verse it suddenly dawned on me;   “Hey!  Why am I not encouraging these folks to sing along?”  –   So, on the last verse I did not sing the tag line and I let my body language let them know- now it’s YOUR turn to sing!  Immediately everyone joined in.  My only regret?

Why didn’t I get them in on the 3rd verse???

Lesson learned.  ~TH~


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