The Regular

I read an article this morning about a successful fast food chain.  It made me think about my continuing attitude about the American Dinor.  NOTE: The spell check obviously wants me to change that to “diner”, but I won’t do it.  Ya know why?  Because a “diner” is a patron of a “dinor”, that’s why.

No more ink, even virtual ink needs to be spilled on the subject.  I just feel the need to write this regarding my own perspective.  So here goes…

When I was young I dated a girl who worked at a dinor situated at the end of a local industrial road.  It was obvious that the place was situated there so that the blue collar workers had a joint to go to for lunch.  I used to visit her there when she was working and I would inevitably order the fries.  They were great-  frozen, then dropped into the oil- hot when ya got ’em.

When my wife and I moved to the Erie area I discovered a very cool Dinor, Taki’s.  It’s still here and it’s great.  I fell in love with that dinor when I was playing drums until the wee hours.  On the way home I would stop in for an early breakfast.  Once my order was in, I could begin the people watching; and that dear readers is where any dinor really shines.

Here it is, 2:45AM and folks who should be in bed aren’t.  My first experience was a great one.  I spotted a third shift worker on break, a table of overdressed patrons (I finally figured out they must have gone to see the Philharmonic earlier), and bar jumpers putting food on their stomach’s before heading home.  It’s all clean and well lit to a sobering degree.  The food comes fast, hot off the griddle.  It’s good and it’s inexpensive.

Now I have been to chains like Eat & Park or Kings for my late night, after gig sojourns.  And yes, I do enjoy that.  But there’s something about a privately owned dinor that fulfills a real craving I have.  I feel well grounded at the place, like it’s meant to be.  The local Big Boy could fall into a sink hole and I’d feel bad for the owners.  But if Taki’s fell into the earth I’d wear a black armband and mope all day.  The only fault to Taki’s I have found is it’s non-proximity to my home.  You see, another important aspect to becoming a “regular” is, the place should be close to your home, preferably within walking distance, but no more than 5 minutes in a car, tops.  SO-

Imagine my glee at having a new dinor open up right here in own home town – Big Moe’s.  I went by the place and saw a sign.  I already had my lunch, but I popped in.  Six booths, and counter seating.  Well lit, clean.  Friendly folks.  “Ok” I thought, “I’ll give it a try”.  I didn’t get my hopes up, it was just too good to be true.  First lunch, next day.  Wow!  The food is good; really good!  And the coffee is good too- not that Starbuck’s tear-your-head-off, peel-paint kind of coffee; just really good dinor coffee.

Suffice it to say, I’m now a regular.  On Foursquare I’m the reigning Mayor.  I defy anyone to unseat me.  ~TH~


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