Online radio interview with yours truly

EXCITING NEWS! – I have an online radio interview coming up this week!  Please put me on your ‘to-do- list this Thursday February 17 from 6-7PM.  Jenna Wagner from station Cool 101.7 Meadville will host the interview.  Find out all my dirty little musical secrets (*gasp*).  “More shocking than Jerry Springer!  More titillating than an Old Spice ad!”

Listen right from your computer! Great streaming quality, you can still cruise Facebook on another tab while you listen!  I’ll have new music for you to listen to on the show, don’t miss it!

HAVE A SMARTPHONE? Download the free App called TuneIn Radio – it works great with my Droid!

I hope you can tune in, thanks!

I’ll be opening up for Matty B. And The Dirty Pickles this Saturday, February 19 in Meadville PA at Bosco’s.  This will be a really fun show!  Show starts at 9:00PM.

Have a comment or question?  Wanna tell me a joke?  I LOVE to hear from my fans!

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Thanks for listening!  ~Tom~


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