Good Common Sense Prevails

This is a song I wrote in 2011 as I observed bipartisan politics spin out of control. You can imagine how easy it was to write the words. The recording is a demo but I’m enjoying how it came out, so there’s a good chance I’ll complete this arrangement for my next release.  If you’d like to listen to/download this song ; plus MORE  free music that no one else has access to, simply share your email address with me– thanks!  Enjoy the music.  ~TH~


Oh say can you see
I got a thousand fingers pointing at me
Some on the left, some on the right
It seems like everybody’s lookin’ for a fight

Some want the guns, some want the butter
Until there’s no one there to listen to each other
Just draw a line across the sand
Until there’s no one left to lend a helping hand

And if you don’t like what they say
As Michael J. said – “Beat it!”
We better look back on our harsh history
or we’re doomed to repeat it

We know the wagon wheels are flyin’ off,
We see the train is rollin’ offa the rails
We gotta pull ourselves together where
Good Common Sense Prevails

Oh hey! Did you hear?
I’ve got the cure to make your problems disappear
My T.V. show will let you know
Just what to do and what to say
and where to go

Just take this pill (I have for sale)
And keep those cards and letters comin’ in the mail
You love my face! You speak my name!
And in the end you’ll say it’s
just a cryin’ shame

Yeah in the end you’ll realize I never
had your best interest at heart
And I’ll be bankin’ all your money while
your world is still fallin’ apart

A little horse sense goes a long, long way
So when you’re facin’ your own travails
You gotta look into your heart where
Good Common Sense Prevails

Where Good Common Sense Prevails

We got one finger holdin’ back a flood
We got a kingdom that is want for nails
We gotta pull ourselves together where
Good Common Sense Prevails

words and music by Tom Hitt (c)2012 ASCAP


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