Eating, the passion that makes life possible

I have recently fallen in love with cooking again.  This is not some light-hearted fling; it’s true love.  Hand in hand with this passion is eating, or should I say dining.

I notice that so many folks go out to eat and treat it like just another way to pass the time and chat.  When I dine out at a favorite restaurant it seems that my senses of smell and taste are engaged to the point that my other senses are obliterated.  So- don’t talk to me while I’m eating my favorite meal, I probably won’t hear a word you say.

CASE IN POINT – A couple of years ago I began to frequent Big Moe’s because the owners had changed location.  They were now right on my doorstep here in Fairview PA.  I had heard great things about the restaurant but I never got to the old location.  Now I had no excuse missing out.

Let me start by saying that I adore Gyros.  Well, Big Moe’s has ’em.  And they’re GOOOOOD.  So now I have gyros on my mind, and the home chef in me says- “Hey!  How can I make these delicious treats at home?”  Four google searches, five wikipedia searches and four recipe searches began to get me results.

Tom the gadget freak of course immediately wants to invest in a huge vertical rotisserie, order the meat and begin feeding the neighborhood every weekend.  Not really a viable option financially or ergonomically.  Besides, I don’t want to compete with Big Moe’s; I just want gyros on demand.

Low and behold, I discover there is such a thing as a countertop version of a vertical rotisserie!  Now, the meat…  hmmmm… Just how do the restaurants get that giant meat-stick?  What’s in that meat-stick?  I have now come to learn that the skewered meat is more like a sausage than a solid chunk of lamb (or beef).  Well compressed and slow cooked meat.  Shaved off of the vertical spinning loaf.  A carousel of crispy carnivore goodness.

Dare I try it myself, even though I have Big Moe’s to save the day?  Of course!  It’s a culinary challenge.  Plus, I can have one on Monday (Big Moe’s is closed on Monday).  Opa!!


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