The gyro debrief… yes, it CAN be done!

I posted earlier about my desire to make homemade gyros and I’m pleased to report that it can be done.  Moreover, I used a non-rotisserie version of the recipe and it worked out great!

The recipe you want to follow is from the ever inspiring Alton Brown.  I also thoroughly read this post from and I recommend you do the same.

So basically I followed the Alton Brown recipe with these additional steps:

1) Add all of the spice ingredients including the salt to the ground lamb (or beef, or combo) and mix well before you put it in the food processor.  Then cover the meat and refrigerate it for at least two hours.  This gives the salt time to work out the moisture issue described in the article.

2) add 2 or 3 uncooked bacon strips (or add 1/2 Tbsp. of bacon fat) to the meat when you put it into the food processor.

3) Be sure to keep the meat as cold as possible when processing it.  I had to process my batch (2 lbs.) in 2 separate batches because my food processor would only hold one pound at a time.  I left the other pound in the fridge until I finished the first pound.

I chilled the tightly wrapped loaf for another 2 hours, then simply followed the directions in the Alton Brown recipe.

The finished loaf is now in the fridge and we can thinly slice off pieces for a quick gyro anytime!  This afternoon I had a gyro salad for lunch.  After trimming the meat for your sandwich/salad be sure to put the pieces under the broiler to crisp them up before plating.  Yum!  ~TH~


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