Days to laze

Glazed salmon, capers and cream cheese

Glazed salmon, capers and cream cheese

I thoroughly enjoy the autumn/winter days that begin with no one in the house having an agenda for the new day.  It is a true rarity and most of the time it’s a complete surprise.  We simply fall into bed the night before, exhausted, and wait to make new decisions at daybreak.  Today is such a day.

A new gray day insinuated itself through the skylight above the bed.  I got up for early oblations and considered staying up but found myself envious that Laurie was still sleeping, so I returned to the bed and read.  Eventually we were both awake and comparing notes on the previous night, both of us having played music for hire.  Then my mind moved to food…

In the kitchen I began pulling out leftovers- glazed salmon, pot stickers, sliced fruit with cheese.  I started the coffee, dropped some bread slices under the broiler and pulled out some cream cheese, capers and marmalade.  Laurie was wrapping Christmas gifts as I puttered…

When we sat down together over these delights we both agreed that it must be our Anglo/British Isles heritage that would account for our enjoyment of a cold fish breakfast.  In the photo you’ll see my own toast plate; cream cheese, salmon and capers.  The second slice is buttered and ready for marmalade delivery.  Leisurely conversation with my sweetheart over an old-world breakfast on a cold gray day; a treasure in my world.  ~TH~


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