Accidental Greens Soup

Greetings my soulful eaters!  Welcome to the longer side of the holiday season, I hope you found some time to rekindle your spirit fire.  If not be sure to schedule that for today, it’s important.

Due to recent overindulgence I have exasperated my condition and consequently I’m laid up on the couch.  The condition is gout – it’s as unpleasant as it’s name, but I can control it with diet.  The problem lies therein.  Many of the foods that trigger gout are doggone tasty.  Luckily the foods that help to quiet the condition are also tasty.

Accidental Greens Soup

Accidental Greens Soup

I’m now hobbling back and forth from the kitchen after making an Accidental Greens Soup.  I call it that because I ended up with chicken stock* and lots of green vegetables in the house (good for me!).  The vegetables I had on hand were onion, garlic, fresh kale, fresh Italian parsley, frozen spinach, carrots, celery (+ the tops) and potatoes.

Start with some butter and EVO oil in a pan, sweat the onions and shallots- then drop in the minced garlic and stir.   Pour in the chicken stock, add the vegetables willy nilly  and add some miso paste** to thicken and season the soup.

For presentation purposes I would serve guests without the carrots ladled in, that orange color just doesn’t fit the green motif!  Grate some fresh parmigiano cheese over the bowl and serve with some tasty bread and roasted garlic.   You’re good to go, enjoy!  ~TH~

*substitute vegetable stock to go all vegetarian

**substitute additional potatoes or a can of white beans for thickening.  Add kosher salt as well to replace the sodium that is in miso paste.


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