What do we miss?

Flavors and aromas are inextricably entwined, and the sense of smell is one of the most powerful triggers of memory.  No matter where you grew up there were some things you flat out enjoyed and often it was something from the kitchen.  From my mother’s kitchen the smell of fresh cake baking or the smell of cheese sizzling on the waffle iron flats would bring any activity to a halt.  I would come in and anxiously lick the beaters or prep my plate for a smashed grilled cheese sandwich.  Yum.


Those things stick with you.  My wife taught me to ‘frizzle’ bologna.  It now stands as one of our son’s favorite lunches.  Laurie also buys Keebler Club crackers now.  She always enjoyed them as a child, but her parents would not buy them because “we can’t afford them”.  They are now a pantry staple, proof that we Hitt’s live high on the hog.

These examples are not haute cuisine by any stretch, but they are important to the mental well being of our family.

What foods carry important memories for you?  Let me know, thanks.  ~TH~


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