All quiet on the open range

Quiet Kitchen

Quiet Kitchen

Some quick, “quiet kitchen” chronicles for you today.  I’ve been very busy getting the promotional materials together for my musical band Strangers And Liars (we have a new CD out!).  I’ve also been hammering away at my first short story.  I don’t feel any guilt about this, but it would be nice if I could post something here that might be of interest to you…  here goes…

On Friday evenings I play guitar and sing at a local (favorite) cafe.  No pay, but I do get dinner (which is great!)-  I actually ‘sing for my supper’.  I played on two consecutive nights last weekend and ended up with 2 large servings of mashed potatoes left over.  The chef here keeps her mashed potatoes very dry (which I do like), but I decided to doctor them up.

I dumped them into a bowl straight out of the fridge and incorporated equal amounts of buttermilk and light cream into the potatoes.  When I had them at a smooth texture/consistency I added grated cheddar cheese, dumped them into a stoneware baking dish and grated extra cheddar on top.  Baked them covered for 40 minutes.  Not health food by any long shot, but wow- yum!

Tonight I’ll be serving planked salmon on the grill in honor of the break in the weather (50+ degrees today!) – I also have an eggplant I’ll be prepping today.  I’ll be back soon with photos and better inspiration for you, stay tuned.  ~TH~


2 thoughts on “All quiet on the open range

  1. You deserve more pay…Next time at least go for a dessert along with the taters! You like bacon? If so next time my wife and I are down we will drop some off. We just made a whole bunch of it…8 or so lbs.

    • Scott- Ha! I concur on the idea of more pay… and I do often get dessert as well, pie of course. By all means, we’re always up for some bacon- it’s my favorite vegetable. Thank you, Bon Apetit! ~Tom~

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