The Egg, For All It’s Worth

I knew this day would come. As a child my mother would hard boil eggs and I liked them.  As a kid you never consider that there might be another way to cook the food that is served.  Then I was introduced to the soft boiled egg.  Sublime! What a difference two minutes (less) can make. A little salt and pepper with toast and that egg became an event.  I eventually abandoned the boiling for scrambling and frying, but I never forgot my soft boiled experience.

Anytime I would be in a restaurant and a salad would be served with an egg I felt like it was my birthday. Surprise, something extra! If you’re like me you rarely pictured an egg when you thought of a green salad, but now I do.

Sifting out the gold

Sifting out the gold

This beautiful egg yolk came from a chicken at nearby Taylor Farm.  They have a walk-in Egg House, on the honor system you place your money into the box and get your eggs.  Like a good soldier this yolk fell in combat to my first attempt ever at making homemade mayonnaise.  Alas, it turned out a bit bitter.  I salvaged the flavor somewhat by adding (you guessed it) some store bought mayonnaise.  I will study and practice, and keep you in the loop.  Meanwhile…

Eggs with romaine lettuce leaf, toast and herbed mayonnaise (and the Stingy Chicken)

Eggs with romaine lettuce leaf, toast and herbed mayonnaise (and the Stingy Chicken)

I have begun to revisit the soft boiled egg, not just because it has zero fat added to it during cooking- but because it just tastes so darn good.  This afternoon I made two eggs, nestled them into a leaf of romaine lettuce and toasted some olive oil-rosemary bread.  Simple and delicious.  Be sure to have the salt and the pepper grinder nearby.  In the photo you see what I refer to as The Stingy Chicken – you have to work for your salt with that one.

Boil eggs perfectly every time –

Place the eggs into a pan and cover with cold water about one inch above.  Place the pan on high heat and bring to a boil.  As soon as the water comes to a boil turn the heat off and set your timer for 4 minutes.  After 4 minutes pour off the water and replace with cool water.  Peel carefully (be patient) and plate.  Enjoy!  ~TH~


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