Tuesday, Nov 12 2013 – Clothes

I have always believed that clothes are utilitarian, utterly useful. Any frills in my frocks were lost on me. My adolescent fashion sense confirms this. I have always relied on other people to choose my “fancy clothes” for me. Whenever I was given a little leeway to choose something for myself I invariably chose colors and fabrics well suited for the carnival. Not to attend the carnival, to actually JOIN the carnival; probably as a sideshow freak of some sort.Hence I gravitated to jeans and a T-shirt. You just can’t screw up  jeans and a T-shirt. This ensemble has the added bonus of being comfortable and quick to put on. Boom baby, I’m dressed. This affinity for casual dress has me in a bind. At 50+ years of age I’m becoming less flexible not just in my muscle groups, but in my tolerance for froo-froo dress clothes. Not a fan of collars. Buttons annoy me. And if I ever had the chance to find the inventor of the tie I would strangle him with my favorite one without hesitation or guilt.

HINT: I don’t have a favorite tie, I hate them all.

What does this have to do with food?  Well, as you’ve probably discerned I’m not the most vain person out there. But putting on my jeans this morning (and my T-shirt) it occurred to me; I haven’t tucked my T-shirt in for at least a decade. Now that I’m being proactive in losing my pudge I’m kinda looking forward to tucking in that shirt for a “nice line” (see ladies, I listen).

New found vanity, huh… hooda thunk?    ~TH~


4 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. glad you realize the shirt out look just doesn’t cut it on guys over 40… neither does wearing a ball cap backwards after you’re outa college! keep up the good work on the diet ! you’re lookin great- proud of you!!

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