A Good Time To Be A Snob

When I started this food blog I was concentrating on cooking for my family. Then my interests expanded to eating out (and writing about it). Then I began to read. And read and read and read. Yep, when I’m not eating food I’m probably reading about food. Here are a few things I’ve learned about myself recently.
1) I’m becoming a food snob. In saying that I’m not hoping you’ll hate me, or respect me, or even care. I’m just sayin’…

This has manifested itself in a few ways. I rarely eat out anymore because most of the restaurants around here prepare food in a way that I know I can do better at home- for A LOT less money. (See Mister Snobby-Puss emerging yet?) Another reason I don’t eat out as much is because I’ve read what goes on in some kitchens. I’m not paranoid but let’s face it, when you trust someone to cook your food behind closed doors you’re rolling the dice. AND- you have no idea how fresh the food is (unless you ask). AND- if you’re really counting calories it’s almost impossible to “guesstimate” what kind of oil was used, how much of a certain ingredient is in a dish, etc. The bottom line is, I often feel swindled when I hand over my hard earned cash for a plate of mediocre food that is plated with no grace or style. I don’t expect a plate of diner hash and eggs to come out of the kitchen looking like Hubert Keller plated it, but c’mon! Take a little pride in your work. I’ve seen plate after plate of restaurant food come out bathing in a pool of greasy… something. I’ve been served cold dry eggs with stale toast. HINT- toasting stale bread doesn’t make it toast, it makes it a giant crouton.

Please don’t get the wrong impression- I’m not a great cook by any standard. I’ll put myself into the ‘adequate’ category for now. What I lack in experience and skill though I make up for in detailed shopping. If it’s not fresh, or it doesn’t look good I’m not buying it. Now that I’m literally assessing every darn thing that goes into my mouth I demand that it taste good.

2) I love to read about food, regional cuisine and restaurants. It doesn’t make me hungry, but it sure makes me want to run into the kitchen and start cooking. I’m just finishing up the book ‘Medium Raw’ by Anthony Bourdain. He shook up the foodie world years ago with his book ‘Kitchen Confidential’. He’s a brash writer who tells you exactly what he thinks; and he has plenty of experience to back up his opinions. BUT – I also enjoy the more genteel writings of Judith Jones and Nigel Slater. In my opinion if you claim to enjoy cooking you should also enjoy reading cookbooks and essays on food. (See? Snobby!)

Maybe snob isn’t the right word though. Savvy maybe? I could live with savvy. Anyway,

You foodies out there have a wonderful Thanksgiving! ~TH~


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