Sanctioned Bliss

So many tasks that we move through every day go by with nary a nod.   A walk.   A conversation.   A meal.

Huh?  A meal?

As I delve ever deeper into the writings, musings, reviews, ads, recipes, anecdotes and cautions regarding food I feel almost as if I should pinch myself.  Was I really ignoring this amazing subject for so long?  A subject that (by the way) both you and I are deeply entrenched in?

Even if you’re a sweets junkie, or a processed food glutton; a junk-food junkie or a burgeoning gastronome, we all have one thing in common – and amazingly, it’s not sex (OK, two things in common).   We stuff stuff stuff into our cake-holes every day.


How did we come to ignore this?  What travesty occurred in western civilization that made it OK to shove any ol’ crapola into our yawning maws just to satisfy a hunger?  Some folks point to technology as the beginning of the end, but I personally know way too many folks that are using computers, video games and 3D printers with amazing results that will catapult us into the future.  “But” you say,  “food?  How blasé… ”   Give. Me. A. BREAK.

You think sight sensation is all the rage?  Movie explosions?  Zombies taking over?  Tense ‘Dexter’ moments?  Take some time to close your eyes and let your significant other place a spoonful of well prepared Creme Brûlée on your tongue.  Go to Philadelphia and order a true cheesesteak- and be sure to linger over it, chewing slowly.  Sit with a friend in her kitchen enjoying tea, nibbling scones fresh out of the oven.  Guess what?  THAT adventure belongs to you.

Too sedate?  TRAVEL.  Refuse to eat where the boat dumps you.  Jump into a cab and ask the locals where they eat every day.  Eat what they eat.  Smell what they smell.  You’ll come back home a changed person, for the better.

Don’t like to travel?  Push your cart down the “Ethnic” aisle.  Move slowly.  When people give you dirty looks as they reach for the sirache peas give them a dirty look right back.  “F.U.” your glance declares, “this is part of the process.”  Buy something you can’t pronounce, look it up online and use it.

So many platitudes on social media.  “Live your life like it’s your last day”, “Enjoy who you are”, “Live for the moment”.  Blah, blah, blah.  Folks, we are sanctioned (nyet, expected) to eat at least three meals a day, to snack our way back to bed, arising once more to greet a sunrise rife with possibilities.  For God’s sake, buy some frickin’ eggs and learn how to cook ’em.  Screw McDonalds.  Aside from their coffee, they just can’t rise up to the greatness that is –




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