Be Good While Being Bad

Dates Without Kisses

Dates Without Kisses

I had to wrestle myself to the ground yesterday to keep from eating some Hershey kisses. I rarely have a candy attack since I started on my primal path, but there they were, staring me in the face: “Eat me Tom, just two… that’s not many calories…”

I envisioned myself unwrapping those innocent little morsels, eating them… and then dive-bombing into the rest of the bag. :nono5:

Realizing the craving was for sugar, my eyes fell to a worthy and allowable alternative. Ah my sweet Medjool Dates, plunge thy sword into hence refined sugar, anon! I ate four of the suckers and happily added the crazy calorie count to my day.

Worth it? You bet! Ten minutes later I was giving those kisses the kiss off. They placed their meager belongings into a kerchief, tied them to a stick and headed on down the road.

Whew! That was a close one…

Have a wonderful Thursday fellow calorie counters! ~TH~ :cool:


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