Half Time For The Holiday Diet

Fave-Beans-medWell, we’ve reached the middle. How are YOU holding up?  All told, I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve gained back one pound, but I think I’ve dropped that back down already.  Some sugar snuck into my diet in the form of candy, and I overindulged a bit on some beef and hooch- consequently wound up with a flare-up of gout.  Any other gout sufferers out there?  Let me hear from you, misery loves company!

I’m on the mend now. I have another fine dining celebration to attend tonight for a good friend’s birthday, so I’m prepping my inner maniac, training it to eat two bites of each course. I think I’ll try letting the server know they can just plate half portions for me all the way through the courses.  Easy on the cheesy and two drink maximum.  I’ll report back to you.

In a couple of hours I will be conducting my first interview with a respected home cook here in Erie PA.  I’ll be putting together a podcast of these interviews as a companion to my website The Food And The Fun.


I plan to have that up at the site within the next two weeks, I’ll keep you posted.

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend, keep counting those calories, it really works!   Now, pass the Fava Beans and the Chianti… ~Tom~


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