This Is Me, Gettin’ Up In Yer Fat Face!

ImageI’m noticing a trend that I hadn’t noticed before.  It’s leeching into all media, social and otherwise, and it’s beginning to creep into my “Friends” lists.  Ire is the new meditation, angst the new yoga.  Folks are becoming militant about the mundane.  Griping is becoming a national past time.  It appears that no subject, however trivial within our day-to-day navigation through life is out of bounds.  It’s no longer enough to avoid politics and religion at a soiree, just about any subject is liable to light the fuse of animosity.

So here I am, peeking around the doorway, ready to pose a potentially inflammatory question about food, and preparing to step over the blood and venom that will ultimately seep into the floorboards once battle has commenced.  Ready?

What is healthy food?

Heck, ya gotcher vegans, vegetarians and fruitarians, your primals and paleos, your freegans, organics, and gluten-freebers.  No sugar, all meat.  No white stuff, only whole grains. We all have the scientific studies that PROVE that this is the only way to eat, but most importantly; you’re ideas are wrong.

I hate to disappoint you here, but I am not offering a solution to this problem – except to say that the negativity involved in these exchanges is decidedly unhealthy.  I was recently reading a favorite diet/food/lifestyle blog and the subject was eating a vegetarian diet and the potential drawbacks nutritionally.  The post was well edited and posed within a neutral framework.  No finger-pointing was done within the article, just references to recent studies.  I really enjoyed reading the article, so much so that I decided to read the follow up comments.  Whoa.

The first few comments were well thought out, even if the reader had some questions, disagreements or concerns with the article’s content.  Within 8 comments though, the vibe quickly devolved into flaming hot arguments about the ethics of eating meat… or eating vegetables.

As the V camp stormed the hill that was currently occupied by the M camp, they began to gain ground by sabotaging the very weapons that the M camp used to take the hill in the first place.  Getting completely off of the article’s original subject (the benefits/risks of eating any certain food group exclusively, from a nutritional perspective) the tone turned grim.  In a nutshell:

V CAMP:  Eating factory-farmed meat is unethical.

M CAMP: Yes, most of us feel that way too, as a general rule.

V CAMP:  Eating any meat is unethical.  It’s murder.  No faces!  No mothers!

M CAMP:  Oh YEAH?  Well aren’t you murdering that vegetable when you pull it out of the ground?? MURDERER.

V CAMP:  Jerk face.

M CAMP:  Pbbbbbthphpt…..

You may get the idea that I’m painting the V Camp as the instigators here– not true!  I just happened to notice that the tone of the conversation turned ugly at that point.  My jaw hit the floor when the M Camp members actually got drawn into making an argument regarding vegetable murder.  It frightens me to think that some of these people drive on the same roads that I do.  How many people are doing hard time in prison because they saw a bumper sticker and felt compelled to defend the rights of a broccoli floret with a wanton act of violent road rage?

We’re all going to eat (or die trying).  What we eat will be based on a great many factors.  I’m just hoping that everybody who has a strong opinion about proper diet can keep a civil tongue in their head and stay on topic.  And if you happen to kill an apple today, just to watch it die; well, I won’t tell.   ~TH~


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