Aquarium Water

photo (15)Winter has become a series of health hurdles for me in the past few years.  Less light, colder temperatures and suspect air in public places,  I tend to dry out and become more acidic.  Even now I’m struggling with a gout flareup and insomnia.

I’m getting used to it, anticipating and adapting my own schedules and psychology to these seasonal turns.

So here I am, awake since 2AM, apparently on the dawn patrol.  Being a writer, that doesn’t really bother me.  Often I can plan on cat-napping in the day.  Today is new year’s eve and I’m preparing mentally for a rock and roll performance tonight.  Tonight I’ll be playing drums for a live gig with my bandmates  STRANGERS AND LIARS, ringing in a new year while celebrating a fantastic 2013 season for us.  I’m honored to be writing songs and performing with Russ, Tommy and Justin, this is definitely the tightest band I’ve ever worked with.

I’ll be spending today laying low, writing, and running a few ‘low key’ errands.  I’ll be keeping my calorie count low, eating nutrient dense foods.


This is a broth I created to raise my alkaline level, reduce my uric acidity, and take in some much-needed nutrient packets in a low-impact, low calorie way. I used chicken broth here, but you can use vege broth and skip the fish sauce if you want this totally vegan.  I will leave you to decide the quantities of ingredients for this one.  I hope you find this to be a restorative soup, as I do.

Have any substitutions or additional ingredients for this soup?  I’d love to hear your ideas, leave a comment.

Have a safe, peaceful journey throughout the year 2014.  Shine for yourself and you will shine for others.  ~TH~


Add all ingredients and simmer.  Garnish with soft slippers, a comfy blanket and a trashy novel.  Enjoy from your favorite mug.



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