Eatin’ wit’ da fishes

salmon burger salad with balsamic drizzle

salmon burger salad with balsamic drizzle

Wife, son and I all agree; salmon rocks the house.  I’ll eat it just about anytime, for any meal.  When I buy a particularly fresh filet at a good price, I always buy extra so I can process and freeze half of it into salmon burgers.  They thaw quickly and are great with a salad.

Salmon salad mango wrap

Salmon salad mango wrap

The last time I went to the grocery store I found these nifty fruit wrappers.  They’re basically just high-falootin’ fruit leather.  Since I’ve never worked with these before I thought I’d give them a shot.  I placed some of my salmon burger salad into a wrapper, then lightly rehydrated the wrapper while it was filled.  It worked alright, but as you cansee it turned out a little messy (I was having fun practicing my plating as well).  This tasted better than it looks, trust me.

The balsamic vinegar I used is a smoked balsamic that I picked up at a specialty shop in Virginia.  It’s marvelous, very light and sweet.  I whisked a small amount of white wine vinegar and olive oil in for the final drizzle, and sprinkled some Old Bay seasoning on the burger.

mango wrap package

Keep eating healthy friends, thanks for reading!  ~T~smoked balsamic


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