Summer means success for weight loss! Yeah!

 I’m now meeting with great success in weight loss and exercise, and a huge part of my ongoing (successful!) motivation is research.  Now that I have a dietary “sweet spot” that works for me, I’m able to tweak my results on an almost daily basis.I’m currently in a low-carb situation, just to continue losing weight quickly but safely.  Once I get down to my next intermediate goal weight I will probably shift over to a ‘maintenance’ carb intake, especially since I’m  exercising now more than ever (yay summer!). I’m meticulously documenting my nutrition and exercise.
What helps my own mentality is to think in terms of being in training. I was never an athletic sort, but I always understood the principal behind mindful, truthful and consistent documentation.  Even when I go overboard on something one day, I document it- guilt free, because I know now that it’s just there for reference, and later when I’m reviewing my mood for that day, I can look for specific clues as to WHY I felt that way- and then continue on from there toward success.MANY times in my recent past I had emotionally given up on trying to improve my own health, thinking, “this is just the way it is”.  At this moment, as I type this, I can tell you with 100% certainty: if you can continually find new and PLAYFUL ways to shake up your daily diet and exercise while fastidiously documenting every calorie, protein, carb, fat and workout- you can succeed.thumbs upOn that note- here is a link to a website, to help you find some playful ways to sneak some fun (and easy) exercise into each day.  It’s a program presented by my new primal friend from the U.K., Darryl Edwards.  I met him this past weekend at PrimalCon NY.  He’s incredibly good at making you forget that you exercising, because he’s basically just an intelligent kid who wants to play.  Now I am too!  He and my other primal partners from that weekend kept reminding me that PLAY is at the heart of success. Watch the short videos to see how to do the movements correctly, then give it a try! I was doing the ‘crab walk’ yesterday in my kitchen. Yep, it was fun!

Stay the journey, it’s worth it- you CAN do it! :thumbu2:



3 thoughts on “Summer means success for weight loss! Yeah!

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey! I think you are right there is something to be said with figuring out ways to enjoy the process as well. I wish you the best luck on your journey! You can do it!

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