Becoming A Pickup Artist (At The Table)

No, I’m not referring to the old “What’s your sign baby?” routine, I’m referring to picking up your food and eating it with your hands.842895513 b9e81fe852

When I was growing up, my parents made sure I knew the proper way to set the table, the proper way to behave at the table and how to politely excuse myself from the table.  The outdoor summer table was a place where we could forgo those niceties and grab up the corn and ribs.  It was then I discovered something for myself; food tastes better to me when I use my hands.

I was unable to dig up any serious research on this subject outside of cultural differences.  However, since I have altered my diet for health reasons, I find that when I sit down to enjoy my own home-cooked food I inevitably use my fingers for at least some of my eating.  Nice big leafy greens in my soup?  Oh yeah, dig them up and grab ’em!  Slurping while I do it?  Yep.   And a grilled steak, or piece of chicken?  I just have to get down to the bones for those tasty bits.

If you’re reconsidering your invitation for me to join you at a four star restaurant (on your dime please), rest assured, I do recall every rule of deportment in regard to table manners, I promise not to embarrass you.  But you might notice me longingly gazing at the bones on the plate, wistfully imagining how good those nibbles would taste; if I could just use my fingers!


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