3 Great Summer Harvest Ideas

berries july 2014What a beautiful day! I spent a few hours today picking berries (black raspberries and blueberries). Our CSA delivery came today as well- more summer squash and zucchini. Well, between all that plus the fruit I had on hand, I would have been hard pressed to eat it all up in the next day! Sound familiar?

Here are 3 quick and easy ideas for you to stretch out the life of your summer herbs, veges and fruits. Best of all, they’re really healthy and tasty too.

1) This afternoon I cut up a cucumber that wouldn’t last much longer. I had purchased some marinated hungarian peppers at the grocery store, so I combined those with the sliced cucumber, some vinegar, a little salt, a little olive oil and some dried herbs. Dumped it all into a sturdy plastic container with a lid and mixed it well. Refrigerate for 3 hours or more- wham! A tasty side dish.  I did the same thing with some peeled summer squash and some zucchini.  Add it to salads- yum!

2) I went to the store and purchased some snow crab clusters for my dinner. While I steamed those, I clipped a generous helping of fresh thyme and fresh chives from our herb garden. I crushed the herbs and some cracked pepper into 1.5 tablespoons of butter. The butter was in a small metal ramekin. When the crab claws were done I carefully placed the ramekin of butter into the steam pot and covered it again. Two minutes later – melted butter infused with fresh thyme to go along with the crabmeat!

3) I had two plums and some seedless grapes that were ripe- they wouldn’t last the night. I also had an abundance of cut watermelon and freshly picked blueberries. Hmmm… – I smashed up the plums and grapes, placed them in a small plastic container and covered them with gin. In 2 days I’ll have delicious, fruit infused spirits! I did the same with the watermelon and blueberries. I sliced the watermelon into long strips that would fit into the tall container I had, crushed up some blueberries, then covered it all in 1/3 vodka and 2/3 rum. I have a feeling that will be delicious.

Remember to mark the contents and date on the containers and store all of these goodies in your refrigerator- and when guests stop by- you’re ready to entertain! Enjoy. ~TH~


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