Just One More Weirdo Thing I Do


You’re probably tired of hearing everyone tell you to improve your diet and exercise more.  Yeah, yeah, yeah… but really – making those changes will improve your health and your attitude.  It’s never easy to break old habits, especially when “everyone else is doing it”.seated

So now I eat quite a bit of protein and fat, along with veges.  No more wheat, limited sugar (sugar is my own personal demon).  When I drive to a destination I purposely park far away so I can walk more.  When the sun comes out I reflexively doff my shirt so I can catch some free vitamin D.  When I’m in line at the store I’ll stretch.  I may not be able to convince you to do these things, but I know that these small changes in my life have made large improvements in my health.  My doctor knows it too.

So here’s one more weirdo thing I do that you might want to adopt: STOP SITTING.  OK, I confess, I’m sitting while I type this- but rest assured, I won’t be sitting when this entry is done.  In my office and my studio I have my computers set up so that I can stand while I work.  It really didn’t take long for me to get used to doing that, now I love it.

Here’s a great place to learn more about why you should be on your feet and moving more.  Humans aren’t built for sitting.  Hope you find this information helpful.  Here’s to your good health!


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