About The Author

When I’m not writing songs, banging on the drums or outside walking you’ll invariably find me in the kitchen. I have always enjoyed cooking.  Now that I pay close attention to the foods I eat, I enjoy it even more.

The United States is still in a crisis of health issues stemming largely from the foods we consume. I encourage you to explore the wonderful options available to you now that organic, pesticide-free food is more readily available. The kitchen is the perfect place to escape every other frantic part of your day.

When you make your own food and then sit down to enjoy it — I call that PREPARATION MEDITATION. I’m here to help you feel better and hopefully have a laugh or two.

Tom Hitt

Tom Hitt

If you enjoy food as much as I do, pull up a chair –  you’re a welcome guest.  You are invited to ‘LIKE’ my Facebook page so you don’t miss anything.  Enjoy the blog and let me hear from you, thanks!   ~Tom Hitt~

  • plays drums for the Erie PA rock band STRANGERS AND LIARS
  • writes and performs original music
  • enjoys walking and cycling
  • shops at local markets for food
  • reads voraciously about nutrition and fitness
  • sits patiently, waiting to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “About The Author

    • Thanks, yes the food usually turns out tasty. I always recommend having a Chinese takeout menu close by when you’re trying a new recipe though, as an assurance that you won’t starve that night. See you ’round the blogosphere! ~TH~

  1. No question, ending the business day by getting in the kitchen and chopping, sauteeing, braising, preparing and otherwise properly fooding up the family I love is doing a solid for the soul.

  2. How very cool, that you offer up your treasure…. 🙂 I look forward to more! BTW, if your up for a bit of adventure, toss in a dash of Sesame oil & a hint of Wasabi….

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